The BABIDI-BÚ publishing house has among its priorities the call for cultural events aimed at disseminating our news and background titles. To do this, you just have to tell us your preferences and we will put all the machinery in motion, with the aim of satisfying them.

We will go to bookstores and cultural venues on your behalf, offering attractive and reasoned proposals with the aim of receiving favorable responses from each Event Manager or Cultural Manager.

We work side by side with those responsible for the most important bookstores on the scene to organize acts and events that, hand in hand with our authors, make our books reach smaller great readers every day.

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Presentations, storytelling, workshops, meetings… and much more!

There are many options that exist to present our work to readers, although ultimately we group the call models into two categories:

1. Events in chains, independent bookstores, stationery stores and other points of sale

We will search with you for the most appropriate format for the act, choosing the one with which you feel most comfortable and identified, without forgetting the public to which the book is directed and the greatest commercial success of the act.

For children from 2 to 9: storytelling with workshop

Experience tells us that the Storytelling + Workshop model obtains good results both in terms of attendees and sales records, as long as the event is aimed at children from 2 to 9 years old. The focus of the workshop should be adjusted to the specific age of each act.

For workshops aimed at the little ones, we recommend crafts with clean materials (wax pencils, cardboard, etc.), without the risk of dirtying the children’s hands and therefore the books they browse.

For children over 10: presentation with discussion

The Presentation + Discussion model is very useful when the events are aimed at children aged 10 and over.

We will take advantage of the colloquium to increase the interest of the attendees by revealing some relevant aspect of the plot, without “tearing it apart”, using the “questions and answers” scheme.

2. Events in cultural venues: libraries, schools, professional associations, athenaeums and foundations

The difference with the model of acts carried out in bookstores is reduced to the books available for sale during the act: in these cases, the sale can be attended with author copies, as appropriate.

We recommend this model of act when you want to obtain an immediate benefit from your effort and we will support you in everything.

Unforgettable presentations

Presentations are the most important moments in the life of the book and we will do everything possible to make them unforgettable.

You will therefore have the same possibilities as those mentioned above and with our advice when looking for the ideal format for each cultural venue: from a formal and academic presentation, to an interview – discussion with a member of the collaborating institution.

These ideas are the starting point for a serie of actions aimed at implementing the commercial task that our distributor carries out, as well as those that you, the authors, contribute through your social networks.

We like proactive authors whose ideas are integrated in all the phases through which an editorial project progresses: from the moment of layout and design, until the book is on the shelves of bookstores. We are waiting to meet yours!

Posters, invitations and diffusion in social networks

We will design posters and invitations with our logos and those of the collaborating bookstore, to contribute to the dissemination of the event.

The bookstore and ourselves will announce the event on our website, social networks and usual channels, summoning all our followers.

You will also have these instruments and we will ask you to share them with all your affections, so that no one is left without knowing the act.

Do you still have doubts?

The publishing house takes this issue very seriously, since we prepare with special care the different distribution channels that we use to distribute your work.
We carry out different strategies. One of our strengths is the call for events in bookstores, libraries, foundations… which we agree with the authors, as well as storytelling in bookstores, schools… for children’s books. We also carry out promotion on our social profiles and on our website
We collect all the news about your manuscript on our website, in addition to disseminating it on our social profiles. In addition to making various publications on our social networks, through which we reach a very large audience
It is a joint work. Once you make the first contact with the space where you are going to make it, we work together so that the presentation comes out as professional as possible.
Yes. We offer the work to professional reviewers for publication on specialized websites with a large audience, fastening the marketing phase. We also carry out press releases of the new works, which we distribute for publication in different media
During the pandemic, since presentations could not be made, we carried out the digital storytelling format that brought the Spanish name of #TeCuentoMiCuento, where our authors, through a video, made a digital storytelling that has obtained great diffusion for our authors.
On our website we are carrying out the new interview section, where we do a personalized interview with the authors, in which, in addition to talking about the work, it allows you as a writer to tell new aspects of your book, how you wrote it , the idea why you did it, some curious anecdote… that makes the book more interesting.
We make personalized objects available to the author to promote your book. We make different materials, such as mugs, personalized roll-ups, notebooks and agendas, displays or personalized bookmarks

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Contact us

Call us or ask us to call you for advice.