Hardcover stories, a winning bet

If you want your picture book to be eligible to be in a window display at a top-tier (or even independent) bookstore, there’s no other way. The book has to be well written, convey a clear message with implicit values, have an attractive design and, despite this, the last requirement today is hardcover binding.

Do you want to see your illustrated album in the window of a high-level bookstore (or even independent)? Then there is no alternative. The book must be well written, it must convey a clear message with implicit values, have an attractive design and, above all, it must be bound in a hard cover.

The benefits of quality hardcover binding

  • Hard cover is a winning bet
  • It sets us apart from others
  • Here at BABIDI-BÚ, we are experts in hardcover printing
  • Publishers who do self-publishing don’t offer it
  • It is the most popular format for gift giving

The hard cover is a way to distinguish ourselves

From our experience as specializing editors in children’s literature, we are constantly engaged in editing and publishing our hardcover albums, already having extensive experience in publishing this type of books. For this reason, we advise all authors wishing to publish a work that stands out for its artistic quality and professionalism of the final result, to give complete confidence to this type of binding.

Self-publishers and small publishers do not offer it.

The hard cover is much more expensive to produce compared to the soft cover. Therefore this type of printing is inaccessible to self-publishers and small publishers who print very limited runs. Furthermore, even for on demand production, hardcover printing is impossible to achieve.

In BABIDI-BÚ we don’t have this problem. We have been victoriously betting on this format for so long that we have no doubt that it is the best it can be for this type of work.

After years of experience, research and development, mistakes, understanding, starting over, looking for the best typography for us to compare all the phases of the process, forms, deadlines and costs with them … we can say it with confidence, hardcover binding is the winning strategy for children’s stories. It is now our goal to ensure that our authors can benefit from this experience.

The print runs of each of our titles, as well as the monthly production volume are so high that we reach competitive unit costs, just like those of large publishing groups. Therefore, we are able to make these books with the best quality and, above all, with a very affordable Final Price for the reader. Clearly, producing a book that, while being wonderful, is unsellable because it is out of the market price, makes all the previous work absolutely meaningless.

This is a type of binding in which the book is covered with a semi-rigid cardboard cover that can be glued or stitched to the page pad.In our case, we chose stitching because it ensures a higher quality result and avoids the smudges you’ve probably seen in your own books: pages that separate over time, dirty and sticky appearance on the spines.These bindings are also known as “cardboard.”
In this market that every day is so full of new publications of all kinds, it is very important to stand out by launching a differentiating and much more exclusive product. Our hardcover baby stories are!These types of books are truly our specialty!An illustrated story for children is not just a short book adorned with illustrations. For us, an illustrated story is a valuable tool for working with our readers on different aspects of our complex reality.
Because it will be a feature that sets the book apart from the competition. A hardcover book will look more professional than a paperback book and will give the children’s book a higher quality, making it a better option.
Thanks to years of experience, we can say that we know what our little readers really like.We have developed certain extensions and formats to ensure that the books do not become heavy, do not bother … and at the same time are resistant so that the works of our authors travel in the memory of several generations.

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