At BABIDI-BÚ we are by your side throughout the whole process. Although you only see the tip of the iceberg, many things happen before a book reaches a bookshop...

How do we do it?

Your book is illustrated

We move on to the correction

Your book is not illustrated

  • We choose an illustrator that fits your idea
  • We manage the entire illustration process in continuous consensus.
  • We validate the final version of the illustrations.

Your work, with the finish it deserves

  • Correction and adaptation of the text
  • Technical team meeting to decide on the book's identity
  • First proofs of layout and consensus with the author
  • Infinite versions until the expected result is reached
  • Validation of the final artwork and sending to the printing house
Send us your manuscript

Management and logistics to reach the whole world

  • Information to the distributor and choice of the first print run as a novelty service
  • Writing of the literary file for bookshops
  • Choice of launch date
  • Sending of books to the distributor
  • Distribution of books to bookshops
  • Organisation of presentations: at private events and at bookshop events

Online and offline dissemination and monitoring

  • Press releases and social media outreach
  • Follow-up of the book at all times and its needs: reprints, blogs, tenders, sale of rights, personalised attention to the author.
  • Booktrailer, e-book and audiobook production
  • Computation of sales and royalty payments
Make up your mind

Do you want to publish with us?

We are delighted to welcome new talent, and we will be happy to evaluate your work as soon as possible. One of our editors will contact you as soon as our reading department has given its opinion on the content.

    Yes, it’s the first timeNo, I have already published before
    It's an illuistrated albumIt’s a children’s novelIt’s a teenage’s novel
    Yes, it’s ready to be publishedNo, it’s not ready yet
    YES: the publishing house will evaluate the quality of the illustrations,to assess whether they are enough of wheter they should be replaced by professional illustrationsNo, I want the publisher to illustrate it.No, they don’t need it
    Pre-readers: 0-3 yearsNew readers: 4-6 yearsGreat little readers: 7-10 yearsPre-teens: 11-13 yearsTeens: 14-16 years

    Send us your manuscript for an evaluation or give us your phone number to get more personalized information

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