Given the inexorable globalization of the world economy, we are everyday more aware of the importance of speaking different languages. As a matter of fact, the majority of the educational centers have incorporated second and third languages into their teaching program, so that our children can get the best possible international education.

However, we know that some children may not feel very comfortable with learning a new language they are not used to. This is why it is important to show them already at home, in a playful way, that they can have a lot of fun while studying a new language. Therefore, what better time to do it than during one of their favorite moments of the day ,such as reading before going to bed?

It is fundamental that the work is shaped according to their reading skills and, of course, their age, to get the maximum benefit and success from it, preventing it from becoming just another “ordinary boring task”. We have to make it fun!

What are the advantages of bilingual readings?

  • Better cognitive development
  • they Improve the grammatical and vocabulary skills
  • they transmit implied human values 
  • they encourage socio-cultural inclusion
  • they improve children’s propensity to learn new languages  
  • make you spend more time with your family
It’s the same process we use when we publish a single language children’s story. Once we receive the work, we will go through all of the procedures for publishing the book that are detailed in the other sections of our website.
The ease with which boys and girls can learn and get used to the languages in which the book is written, as both texts are placed contemporaneously on the same page as the story unfolds.
It encourages greater cognitive development, better grammar and vocabulary, the learning of the values implicit in reading, socio-cultural inclusion, a greater ability to learn new languages, and, most importantly, it encourages spending more time with family.
Without a doubt! BABIDI-BÚ is always delighted to receive projects from potential authors. Send us your manuscript via the website’s form so that we can value it.
Yes. We proofread manuscripts in English, but we can correct the second text by sending it to our delegation of experts who are fluent in the language in question.
Our distributor stocks it in any of our authorized bookstores and points of sale. You can also order copies from our website.
Yes, we have copies in other languages, such as French, Spanish, Italian and German, among others, in our catalog.

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