Our day to day at the office

We are, above all, a happy team! But we are also a children and youth publisher, imagined from its conception to accompany the Touch Generation, commonly known as “T Kids“, those little ones born from the year 2010 that are growing up at great speed and who carry the banner of the generation that presents one of the greatest educational challenges in history.

Our main objective is to encourage reading with works in which human values prevail, while remaining fun and entertaining, full of adventure and mystery. In addition to encouraging reading, another of our goals is to encourage creativity in children and young people as a means of expression, helping them to develop their imagination and promoting the development of their Emotional Intelligence.

How do we fulfill your dream?

Writing children’s and youth stories involves learning to think and feel like a child. But it also implies the task of instilling positive values for our society. At BABIDI-BÚ we know the importance of this and we try to ensure that all our books promote equality and respect through reading. How do we do it?

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Who is who?

Meet our team and how we can help you

Fátima Ruiz

Attention to the author

I’m Fátima and I’m the person you’ll talk to when you call the publishing house. I will solve your first doubts and put you in touch with my colleagues when you need it. In addition, I take great care of all the orders in our online shop so that you receive them in perfect condition and as soon as possible.

María Calero

Editorial Coordinator

I am María, head of the editorial department. I used to do everything myself, but thanks to our growth, I am now accompanied by a wonderful team of editors. I will continue to receive all the manuscripts so that no great story gets lost in a drawer. I take care of drawing up contracts and making sure everything is very, very clear to you before you sign. I’ll be keeping an eye on the progress of all the projects that are in the assessment phase, coordinating all my team and enjoying this adventure.


Reyes García

Editorial advisor

I’m Reyes, and if you send us an editorial proposal, I will probably be your first contact on the phone to solve all the doubts about the project in both directions. In any case, I am always available to attend to our authors as quickly as possible, either in physical or online meetings. If we are interested in your project, I will surely be the one to give you the good news and, if not, I will also tell you with all my love. When your book is just an idea, I will take care of imagining its most attractive form.


Marti Ortega

Editorial advisor

I’m Marti, and I will be present both at the beginning and at the end of the editing process of your book, coordinating the communication between the reading department and the author, verifying that there are no incidents in the process and making the literary reports that are required. When the book is ready, I will validate it to check that everything is correct before printing the book. In addition, I will be in charge of translating and adapting the texts of the books in English.


Maite Nieto

Proofreading coordinator

I am Maite, and once your manuscript is accepted for publication, it will be passed on to me. And then a detailed process will begin. It involves not only proofreading, but everything necessary for the final result to be the best possible in every way, but always counting on you, because you are the author and the creator of the work, and nothing will be done without your approval.


Adrián Romero

Project management

I’m Adrián and I will be in charge of solving all your doubts during the initial phase of the project. I will receive your signed contract and I will help you to complete the first steps. From uploading the text to the platform so that it goes to proofreading, or that the illustrations are correct so that they can be used in the project. In short, I’ll make sure everything is ready for your story to go to layout. Besides, you can always ask me any questions you may have in these different processes.


Rebeca Rodríguez

Design and Layout Coordinator

I’m Rebeca and if your project is an illustrated hardcover album, I will surely be the one to give it shape. I will guide you through the whole layout process of your work. Each project worked on by my team will be reviewed by me demanding the highest level of quality and care for every detail, it is a task that I am passionate about and I carry out with the utmost subtlety. I am also in charge of giving life to our website and social networks designing their graphic contents, let’s make magic!


Elena Perea

Design and Layout

I’m Elena and I will accompany you during two very important moments of the process: we will first meet when we have to choose the artist for your work, where I will guide illustrators and authors as best as possible. When the time comes to layout your project, we will meet again, because as a layout artist for the publishing house, we will achieve a wonderful result!


Irene Lozano

Design and Layout

I’m Irene and together with my design and layout colleagues, we will give light, life and shape to your work. I will take care of every detail, making each page of your project special. To do this, I will make sure to fill each page with charm and creativity, composing a harmonious dance between story and illustration. Are you ready to make your projects come true with me?

Mariam Sánchez

Design and Layout

I’m Mariam, and my mission at BABIDI-BÚ is to accompany you on the exciting journey of creating your book. Imagine every page of your project shining with its own light; that’s what we will build together. I’ll make sure that the text and illustrations are in harmony, creating a magical and unique story. Get ready to immerse yourself in this adventure with me and my entire team!

Lucía Romero

Editorial advisor in Italy

Ciao! I’m Lucía and I’m the one taking care of our new project BABIDI-BÚ Italy. I will coordinate your project from the beginning to its publication in Italy. Besides, I’m in charge of all the  institutional management in this country to continue with the expansion of our catalog in italian. I will be in charge of the Italian web and social networks in order that both authors and readers can be in first-hand contact with us  and get to know us much better. I’ll make sure everything goes as well as in Spain!   

Carmen Ortiz

Communication and press

I’m Carmen, and I will carry out all the promotional actions so that your work can be enjoyed by the general public. With dedication and affection, I will spread the values of your creation in our social networks, website and media. I will write the news related to your book from the launch and I will coordinate all the promotional initiatives of the publishing house. I will also be in charge of contacting influencers and reviewers to spread the word about your work on social networks. I will help you to reach as far as possible!


Paz Mateo

Management Controller | Expansion

I’m Paz, and I’m in charge of different aspects of our daily work such as updating our website, stock control with our distributor, the legal aspects of your work, the organisation of the production calendar… In addition, I’m also in charge of making sure that your work crosses all borders thanks to our international distributors and exporters, informing you about our launches and managing orders and actions abroad.


Cristina Alonso

Production and distribution

I am Cristina, responsible for bringing your desired presentations to life after your publication. I maintain a smooth and constructive relationship with bookstores, ensuring that each presentation goes smoothly and is a complete success. Additionally, I manage the logistical aspects, ensuring that every detail is carefully planned and executed. Ensuring that your book reaches its destination in optimal condition and on time, thus contributing to the success of your event.

Andrea Valerio

Accounting and Administration

I’m Andrea and I’m in charge of all the numbers in the company… My colleagues have all the letters! I’ll take care of managing the invoices derived from each project and your royalties, so that you can receive them and see your book become a real bestseller.


Marta Montes

Founder CEO

I’m Marta and, even if you don’t talk to me directly, I’ll know everything about you and your work, and I’ll take care of every detail. I will make sure that all the pieces fit together and, above all, that my team works happily so that our positive energy reaches all readers.


Head of security

I’m Romeo, head of security. I run things here in the office. I make sure that my guys are not short of anything, and of course, between siesta and siesta, I am in charge of the intensive surveillance of our facilities and that there is always fresh water in the fridge. If I have to bark, I bark, but I prefer quiet environments, because people understand each other by talking.