There are already hundreds of authors who have trusted us so their dream made paper travels to thousands of homes and be more and more the readers who grow alongside their words.

Their opinions supoport us and that’s our best gift after the whole process. You can see and read for yourself what the authors think about us, but first, let us summarize:

What do they value most about BABIDI-BÚ?

Deep respect for their judgment

We know that many publishing houses change the manuscript from top to bottom without taking into account the author’s opinion and without even consulting him. For us that’s unthinkable. Any improvement is agreed, layout designing so many versions of the book as needed until accomplish the expected result by both parties.


We are always available for you and we will always attend any questions you have. Most of our authors have no experience at all in the publishing sector and we know how difficult the first steps are. In BABIDI-BÚ we guide you and we advise you at any time so you never feel lost. You will become part of our family.


We pay much attention to every detail so the result of all our work, yours as author and ours as publisher, be impeccable. Besides our work doesn’t end with the publication of the book. We realize digital editions, audiobooks, you can be part of the Storyrocket platform, your work can be selected as homologated currículum material.

Published authors’ reviews

Discovering BABIDI-BÚ was sensational, I was fascinated by their large catalog of children’s stories. It has been like working as a family, always open to listening to me, they were close and very professional. I definitely would repeat.

Pilar Romero
Pepita Power. Inventora de aparatejos para animalejos

They’re the family all new authors need. Safety, trust and support, that’s what I felt during all the process. It’s like a dream come true.

Isabel Blanco
Piel de colores

Google reviews

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Bloggers also recommend us

Editoriales Infantiles, specialized blog

The blog Editoriales Infantiles places us as one of the best publishing houses in children and youth sector of Spain and highlights our commitment to new authors and high-quality editions.

Sapos y Princesas, the El Mundo supplements

The media outlet Sapos y Princesas refer to us as the independent publishing house that is revolutionizing children’s literature highlights our commitment to new authors and the quality of our processes.

Julián Marquina, blogger focused on literature

Prestigious blog de literatura de Julián Marquina recommends us as one of the 24 publishing houses specialized in children’s literature  that you can’t lose sight of and recommends us for our work aimed at promoting emotional intelligence.

Eresmamá, specialized magazine for mothers

The portal specialized in the upbringing of children and educational content for mothers Eresmamá, points us out as one of the essential publishing house of children’s books and de las editoriales imprescindibles de libros infantiles y values our commitment to education in values.

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